K.P.A.D. is collaborating with the NCCF (Nu-Church Community Fellowship) to develop Impact Homes. These are two-story rental properties; certain units are rented by D2O interns and others are rented by the NCCF in order to host neighborhood impact activities. 


K.P.A.D. is working collaboratively with the Nu Church Community Fellowship (NCCF) to develop Impact Homes that will house D2O Interns and provide a base for their community organizing operations.

Each Impact Home is a catalyst to bring transformation to surrounding communities. These are generally located in two- and three-flat buildings. The Nu-Church Movement Reformation and Transformation Plan calls for one Impact Home in each Quadrant of a given neighborhood. In Chicago's west side (Garfield Park) community there are one hundred forty-four quadrants. K.P.A.D. is collaborating with the NCM to form Impact Homes throughout this area. Each Impact Home unit will provide housing to as few as three *D2O Interns.

NCCF Families who are active in their local Battle Group can also rent Impact Home units. 

Residents pay affordable rents, which enable them to work and live in targeted communities.

D2O residents function as a D2O Fire (Impact) Team in their assigned Quad. Each Impact Home D2O Intern Team creates unique intervention strategies that are tailored to the community’s needs and the specific abilities of Impact Home residents. 

Each Impact Home has meeting space – possibly a living room or finished basement area – to host local Teen-Town®, Victory Club®, and D2O Task Force meetings within the Quad. (Each of these are components of the Nu Church Movement).The Impact Home’s non-residential floors (e.g. basements) have other usages that are part of the Liberation-Transformation strategies for the area.


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Living arrangements vary for *D2O Interns (Impact Home residents) who are single, married, or unmarried with children.


Cutting edge...

"What the Innovation Houses seek to provide neighborhoods across Chicago is a catalyst. In most cases, the ingredients of success already exist in our neighborhoods — unemployed adults who want to work, kids who want to go to college, parents who want safer streets. There are churches, schools, health care providers and community centers already doing important work all over the city. Innovation Houses will provide the initiative to knit together these assets, sparking everything from tutoring programs to neighborhood block watches to small-business incubators." - Chicago Tribune

In order to become an NCCF Member one must first join a NCM Battle Group and/or become a D2O Intern.


In order to submit a rental application for an Impact home, one must first be an active NCCF Member.

NCCF Membership

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