K.P.A.D. began as a vision to be a part of an effort to transform struggling communities. We will settle for nothing less than this. 

Robert J. Nobile, LLC Founding Member


Fueled by a passion for transformation and armed with three Master’s degrees, real estate broker training, and experience in Chicago’s residential construction as a general contractor, Robert & Stephanie Nobile decided it was time to launch a business that would join an effort already underway to facilitate lasting transformation in Chicago's most challenged neighborhoods.


As members of the Nu Church Community Fellowship, a Christian community transformation movement which has launched a vision to create 144 "Impact Homes" within the greater Garfield Park Community, Robert & Stephanie decided to create an LLC that would solicit investment dollars and procure properties that could function within this vision.   


Coinciding with nine months of business training, Robert and Stephanie launched K.P.A.D., LLC, acquiring two 2 flat buildings within their first year and a half of business. 

O U R   S T R A T E G Y


K.P.A.D. targets for purchase two-flat, brick and/or gray stone buildings, comprised of two apartments each that are being sold at below-market value and that have proven to need minimal rehab or repairs. 

This approach enables K.P.A.D. to price its rents below market value, making its units among the more affordable housing opportunities in the area.


K.P.A.D. strategically employs investment dollars to acquire each property. Once each property is rehabbed and occupied, K.P.A.D. pursues mortgage options which pay back initial investors as well as generate positive cash flow for the LLC. 


In-coming rents cover ongoing building maintenance fees. 

K.P.A.D. contracts with D2O Construction, a repair and building management company owned and operated by NCCF Members. This arrangement keeps initial and ongoing repair expenses down, and it ensures that K.P.A.D. properties are well maintained.   



Each K.P.A.D. property is strategically located within one of the targeted neighborhoods (Peace Zones) in which the Nu-Church Movement (NCM) has been recruiting, organizing and mobilizing its Battle Group members for community impact. These efforts are led by D2O young adults

All K.P.A.D. renters must first be members of the NCCF and tenants must agree to maintain an active status within the NCCF for the duration of their rental agreement. Participation in local NCCF initiatives may include planting a community garden, maintaining a clean block, hosting community meals, hosting children and/or youth activities, and anchoring a local Scarlet Hope® chapter. 


By creating 1 Impact Home per two block square (16 per Peace Zone), K.P.A.D. is helping to facilitate a truly cutting edge transformation strategy.

  • Young adult D2O Interns are offered affordable and strategically placed living arrangements.

  • Local NCM transformational activities are anchored block-by-block.

  • Young families/residents are incentivized to reach out to their neighbors.


This is the way neighborhood transformation happens!



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