"K.P.A.D. is a unique and rewarding investment opportunity - the financial and missional returns are truly worthwhile." - Investor  


Kingdom Property Acquisition & Development (KPAD) is offering a unique opportunity for investors who want their money to work for them through a solid real estate investment in Chicago.


K.P.A.D. is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) creating an approach to property development and neighborhood transformation that can be used as a model in other distressed communities. 


K.P.A.D. is ​providing affordable, quality housing for Chicago's west side residents who are members of the Nu-Church Community Fellowship (NCCF), a buyers club consisting of community members who are a part of a collective strategy of neighborhood transformation.

A Cutting Edge Vision

Impact Homes are a cutting edge work that draw a notable resemblance to the Chicago Tribune's "Innovation Houses."



Complete your Battle Group Membership form. Email it or send it via mail to K.P.A.D.'s PO Box. Once received, you will receive a confirmation email and a follow up call.



Complete the application below to submit your request to become an Impact Home resident. Once received, you will receive a confirmation email and a follow up call. 



If you are interested in becoming a K.P.A.D. investor, please complete the form below with a brief statement of who you are along with the best way(s) and times to contact you. Thank you for your business! 



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PO Box 24008

Chicago IL, 60624

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